Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Repair and Maintenance

Fine Tune Auto specializes in electric vehicle repair. We understand that electric vehicle owners are not limited to servicing their vehicles at dealerships. Our services include all types of electric vehicle repairs and we make your driving more secure and maintain its longevity.

Fine Tune Auto, located in Lansing, IL and Hobart, IN, offers a time-sensitive solution for electric vehicle owners who need their cars repaired quickly and efficiently. Our business operates to fit the customer, making needed repairs easier to understand by showing you the things on your car that need attention and then prioritizing them for you.

electric vehicle repair and maintenance
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Lansing, IL: (708) 418-5000
Hobart, IN: (219) 759-0233
Crown Point, IN: (219) 663-1847

Lansing, IL: (708) 418-5000
Hobart, IN: (219) 759-0233
Crown Point, IN: (219) 663-1847

Check Out Our Specials

$49.95 Oil Change

Full hybrid oil change with FREE 27 point courtesy inspection.

$50 Off Diagnosis

Save $50 on our comprehensive electric/hybrid vehicle diagnosis.

$25 Off

Get acquainted with $25 off any regularly priced maintenance or repair.

"I want to keep my car running smoothly!"

If you're like us, then you take pride in your car and want to keep it running smoothly. Fine Tune Auto is the quick and convenient solution to maintain your vehicle and get the job done right, without an appointment.

We'll fix it right the first time

We use only the best quality parts and our expert technicians will do a 27-point safety inspection to ensure your vehicle is safe. If any issues are found, we'll fix them immediately so you can enjoy driving with peace of mind.

What are some benefits of servicing my electric vehicle at an independent repair shop instead of a dealership?

There are several reasons why an electric vehicle owner might choose to have their vehicle serviced at an independent repair shop instead of a dealership:

Dealerships tend to charge more for services and repairs than independent auto shops because of their large overhead and operating costs.

Dealerships' technicians are also more specialized, which often demands a higher feeā“.

Independent shops tend to be more flexible with their schedules and can often accommodate you more quickly than dealerships.

What are some common problems with electric vehicles?

Here are some common issues with electric vehicles:

  • Battery degradation over time.
  • EV climate control can reduce range.
  • In-car electronics failure.
  • Faulty seals lead to leakage.
  • Electric cars catch fire (although this is rare).