Transmission Service & Replacement

Is your car exhibiting symptoms of transmission or powertrain failure? Some of these symptoms include:

  • Transmission slipping
  • Jerking, rough, or slow shifting between gears
  • Delayed engagement into gears
  • Slow to take off from a stop
  • No reverse or missing forward gears
  • Vehicle “hops” or “jumps” when turning
  • Whining, grinding, or clicking/crunching sounds
  • Excessively high engine RPM’s
  • Vibration when accelerating or decelerating
Automotive transmission gearbox with lots of details
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Lansing, IL: (708) 418-5000
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Lansing, IL: (708) 418-5000
Hobart, IN: (219) 759-0233
Crown Point, IN: (219) 663-1847

It’s never good when you’re having a transmission or powertrain problem with your car. The last thing you need is to have it repaired or rebuilt only to have a failure again! That’s why a good warranty is important. Fine Tune offers complete transmission and powertrain service on all makes and models, including maintenance, diagnosis, repairs, rebuilding, and replacement, with warranties available up to lifetime. Whether you plan to keep your car another 30 years or sell it next week, Fine Tune can offer you a competitively priced, custom based solution to meet your needs while minimizing cost and eliminating breakdowns and the possibility of any future repair cost to you.

Fine Tune can offer you the most bang for your buck on the following automotive services and repairs:

  • Transmission diagnosis, service, rebuilding, and repair
  • Transfer case diagnosis, service, rebuilding, and repair
  • Differential diagnosis, service, rebuilding, and repair
  • Classic/Muscle car/restoration transmission repair/rebuilding
  • High-performance transmission and differentials
  • Driveline repairs/custom driveshafts
  • 4WD repairs and modifications
  • Transmission flush service

Whether you need your vehicle diagnosed or you already know what’s wrong and need a second opinion, Fine Tune has got you covered with some of the best technicians, quality, and warranty available anywhere. Call 708-418-5000 to speak to an advisor now! Online appointments also available. Be sure to take advantage of our special offers and coupons!

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