Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair & Service

Here at Fine Tune Auto Service in Lansing, IL, we are the go-to place for all of your hybrid and electric vehicle’s needs. Hybrid and electric vehicles are more complex than a standard gas car, which is why they require a more experienced shop to properly handle. Our certified technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to hybrid and electric vehicles and can quickly get to the bottom of any issue.

Our Lansing hybrid repair shop and Lansing electric repair shop is equipped with the most current computer diagnostic equipment available to allow our experts to always repair your vehicle correctly the first time around. We work on most makes and models of hybrid and electric cars and can aid with any services or repairs your car needs, including maintenance, battery repair, fluid services, steering and suspension, and much more.

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Lansing, IL: (708) 418-5000
Hobart, IN: (219) 759-0233
Crown Point, IN: (219) 663-1847

Lansing, IL: (708) 418-5000
Hobart, IN: (219) 759-0233
Crown Point, IN: (219) 663-1847

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$49.95 Oil Change

Full synthetic oil change with FREE 27 point courtesy inspection.

Free Brake Inspection

Free brake inspection and $25 off any front and/or rear brake service.

$25 Off

Get acquainted with $25 off any regularly priced maintenance or repair.